Winner of 2017 ABA100 Product Excellence Award

Hard Work Doesn’t Go Unnoticed!

VCSO winner of 2017 ABA100 Product Excellence Award

Not your average serviced office provider

It gives me great pleasure to announce that Victory Corporate Serviced Offices (VCSO) has been recognised as an ABA100 Winner of the Australian Business Award for Product Excellence. This award recognises that our products and services are of exceptional quality and offer a point of difference from our competitors. It is a prestigious award that provides us with the unique opportunity to benchmark ourselves against global top performers. We would like to thank our dedicated staff and clients without which the winning of this award would not be possible.

In less than 3 years of operation Victory Corporate Serviced Offices (VCSO) has become a leading operator in serviced office and virtual office spaces.  We specialise in creating an exceptional experience for our customers that we believe adds real value to their business beyond the physical space they work.

“This award recognises our efforts to offer something different…Exceeding the benchmark and being acknowledged is testament to our dedicated team members who without them, this would not be possible.”  Dan Baxter – CEO 

Our secret is continuous monitoring, allowing VCSO to create benchmarks to measure quality & performance. VCSO continuously samples interactions and adjust metrics to ensure the optimal performance standards.

Receiving the 2017 Product Excellence Award allows us to further distinguish ourselves from competitors and acknowledges the exceptional 6 Star Service we provide our clients to help them grow and succeed in the corporate market. We look forward to what the future holds and the betterment of future service offerings.

For more information about our services or how VCSO can take your business to the new heights please click here or call one of our friendly operators on 1300 788 292.


Manisha Angirish
Global Strategic Director

Why should you expand your business with Victory?

Because you have everything to G.A.I.N!
Geography is increasing the footprint of your business which ensures an increased clientele, Victory can help you attain that!  We can help you and your business grow locally, nationally, and internationally – we can provide additional space, staff, and extra services without any long-term commitment.

Adaptability is the ability of your company’s resilience to grow and adjust with advancements and changes to all aspects of business.  Technology is constantly evolving and so is business, Victory offers state of the art technology and facilities, ensuring our clients have access to these services to help them grow.

Image is the perception people form of your business and you only get one chance at a first impression! Victory provides the most prestigious and professional business locations, all non-branded with exceptional 6-star services to help you create an outstanding image of your company.

Notion is the birth of new ideas when like-minded people come together for mutual benefit. We understand the importance of networking for growth and prosperity of businesses and regularly organise events to bring people together.

Do home based businesses need a physical address?

A physical business address is not only essential for those who run large corporations, it is also a necessity for home based businesses. If you run your business from home then the most obvious address to use would be your home address, but be mindful that this can expose risk to your safety and privacy. A PO Box provides an address without the risk, however this can give the wrong impression to potential clients. A physical address is key to attracting and gaining customers; here’s why.

The reputation of your business is vital. No matter how good your services or products are, if consumers don’t trust your business they will not spend their money with you. Serviced office provider Victory Corporate Serviced Offices, provides the most prestigious and professional business locations. This allows clients to impress their potential customers when handing out their business card and utilising a credible address on their website. A reputable physical address for your business builds a successful and trustworthy reputation.

You are more likely to have customers come to your workplace when you have a physical address displayed on your business card or website. Serviced Office providers also provide meeting rooms which are available for clients to hold their meetings at their business address rather than looking externally.

Most consumers research a business online before buying from them, and many prefer to buy locally. If you have a physical address on your website this makes your company more visible and searchable on Google Places. Don’t risk missing out on client revenue just because you don’t have the right exposure.

Investing in physical office space can be expensive, so why not investigate virtual office spaces? Virtual office spaces do not require a long-term commercial lease commitment and have low overheads because companies don’t need to invest in full-time staff or office equipment. Virtual office packages start from $50.00 per month. Contact VCSO| Victory Corporate Serviced Offices on 1300 788 292 to find out more.

Bianca Wilding.


Are you working from home?

Union leaders urged bosses to be more flexible to let employees work from home, to reduce commuting costs and help people cope with caring and childcare responsibilities.

Are you thinking? “Oh, this solution is for me”. Knowing you can stick a wash on in between work calls; not even having to get dressed: I can see all office workers swooning at the thought of how much easier life would be.

Well, actually, it can’t be. According to THE AGE, home-working may not work in all profiles:

Working from home can leave you socially and professionally isolated.”

You may also be losing confidence in your skills or feel pain to communicate with your co-workers. Would you be able to let them treat your workday like “free time?”

Would you be tired of listening to worker bees in the main hive, who suspect that you are simply sitting on the sofa drinking a coffee or having a quick seven-hour nap?

But whatever, as long as you get the company’s desired results! Here, at VCSO, we provide you with the best meeting room to present your “homework” to your employers and colleagues. Located in Melbourne and Sydney, make sure to impress your audience with our exceptional 6-star services.

Why Choose VCSO?

Victory Corporate Serviced Offices

Have you been dreaming of a company of your own? As a start-up company, you need to focus on many factors ranging from finances and to find an office space with state-of-the-art facilities.

This can be challenging at times and can take a toll on your efficiency. Utilise the affordable, world-class, tailor-made physical and virtual serviced office spaces provided by Victory Corporate Serviced Offices (VCSO) in Melbourne and other areas of Australia. VCSO have created a smarter, hassle free and convenient pathway to your new office.

Irrespective of your requirements – size, shape, furniture, and occupancy – VCSO will take care of all your needs from start to finish.

If you are a lone entrepreneur, an on-the-go businessman, or a startup operating from home, and cannot have a physical office due to financial crunch or mode of operation, a virtual office space with VCSO can go a long way in having an upscale address and an established phone number to add prestige and gravitas to your enterprise.

As an established business, if you are planning to spread your wings across Australia, you can continue unhindered with the help of VCSO. With their 6-star facilities, wherever you go, they will take care of the nitty-gritty of setting up an office space. The money and time thus saved can be of great help in other areas of your business venture.

As their motto “We Mind Your Business” indicates, they mind all requirements of your office space, small or big, short term or long term.  Well established in Melbourne with a reputation to match, VCSO has international presence. This can only happen through satisfied clientele and VCSO can claim of many such clients.

Many a start-ups would love to hold their initial meetings with prospective clients in a business-friendly environment, rather than in a restaurant, café or other crowded places. However, financial constraints prevent them from doing so. Not owning an office space should not hamper your aspirations and dreams.

Contact VCSO and let their meticulous and cross-trained staff tailor a package and space to meet your needs, all in a matter of minutes. VCSO’s Day suites are available for a few minutes to 24 hours, at a very nominal rate.

Young, networking entrepreneurs can go for the Co-working office space. In addition to a drastic reduction in expenses, it also helps them work in proximity with other budding businesspersons and learn from the environment.

Overseas entrepreneurs desirous of getting a foothold in Australian soil can also take advantage of VCSO facilities.

Think Space. Think VCSO.