7 Gift Ideas for the Entrepreneur in Your Life

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Christmas is fast approaching and purchasing the right gift is not always easy. Below are 7 perfect gift ideas, sure to impress the entrepreneur in your life.

Zavvi Waterproof Notepad – $15.00

Perfect for the workplace Kris Kringle, this gift is great for that person who is always coming up with ideas in the strangest of places. This waterproof notepad will ensure that you never lose another brilliant idea again because of the shower, beach or the pool.

Kindle Paperwhite – $89.99

Give the gift of portable storytelling and self improvement this Christmas! Light and portable, the Kindle Paperwhite is perfect for the on the go traveler. Entrepreneurs can use this to read business books and stay up to date with the latest in business management, marketing and growth strategies or to relax and take some much needed time off.

Tile Mate – $100.00

Make losing keys a thing of the past! Attach this little Bluetooth tracker to just about anything and ensure every item is quickly and easily found no matter where it is hidden.

Fitbit Alta HR Fitness Tracker – $147.00

A great gift for the fitness fanatic in your life, this fitness wristband helps users stay informed and motivated as they work out. It provides extensive heart rate, activity tracking and sleep monitoring to keep them in the zone all day.

Google Home –  $149.00

Buy the gift of a virtual personal assistant this Christmas. Google Home can stream shows and music straight to your TV or speakers. It will schedule those important meetings and remind you when they are coming up,  keep you up to date with the news, weather and answer any questions you might have.

Inflatable Car Cover – $300.00 

Bring their childhood dream to life and wrap their car like a matchbox. No more worries about sticky fingers from jealous admirers, simply display the car in a protective bubble. Just ‘Drive In, Inflate and Protect’. It really is that easy. This inflatable car cover is the total package when it comes to protecting a car.

One Month of Co-Working  – $550.00

Help them move their business away from the dining table and into their own professional work space. Utilise a space that booms with savvy, business minded people and includes a range of professional perks that are sure to impress. With access to professional reception, flexible workplaces and our meeting rooms and boardrooms. A Co-Working gift is the optimum way to not only help their business grow but support them to new heights of success.

Traditional vs. Serviced – the Big Office Debate

As web-based businesses continue to expand and start-up culture thrives in Australia, more and more companies yearn for greater value in their office arrangements, including the capability for flexibility, scalability and support.

Serviced offices have existed for a long time, offering a quality working environment and extra services for businesses that find traditional commercial leasing options to be unsuitable. Today, they are more popular than ever before.

Support Services

The original draw card of serviced offices was their ability to reduce overheads by supplying furniture and maintenance services such as cleaning, security, insurance and repairs. Serviced offices attract companies by allowing them to utilise the latest technology, from high-speed internet and teleconferencing facilities to voice command capabilities.

Modern serviced offices also provide other services that businesses would otherwise struggle to afford. This includes a fully staffed reception area that can welcome guests, professionally answer calls in the relevant company name, and offer other virtual office services.

Businesses can also access additional specialised services. For example, Victory Corporate Serviced Offices (VSCO) allow companies to access professional secretarial services when they need them, paying for these services in 15-minute increments, per hour, or per day.

Flexible Arrangements

Scalability is crucial to modern business and is one of the factors driving the popularity of serviced offices. Today, entrepreneurs or small businesses can utilise shared office spaces, allowing them to reduce costs and enjoy a contemporary, collaborative working environment filled with like-minded professionals.

While standard commercial leases are often lengthy, have locked-in terms and come with huge notice periods, serviced offices offer a variety of options to suit different companies and their budgets. A business has the freedom to upgrade or downgrade to different office space within their lease terms.

Companies can also take advantage of short-term office spaces and meeting spaces, which they could utilise for a special project, boardroom meeting or collaboration. This allows them to enjoy a stylish and sophisticated office space for 10 minutes or an entire day. Even large corporations that have their own traditional office spaces take advantage of these services when they are visiting another city or are abroad.

The Little Extras

Then there are the little things like stylish design, quality furniture, beautiful city views, and catering and beverage services that make serviced offices that much more appealing. This improves the workplace for all staff as well as impressing any clients or other guests that visit the office space.

At VSCO, some of the things our client businesses enjoy include:

  • Unlimited Bristot machine coffee and T2 tea with on-site barista services
  • Elegant, European furniture and ergonomic seating
  • Acoustically sound rooms, and
  • High-class views overlooking the city skylines of Melbourne and Sydney.

Serviced Offices in Melbourne and Sydney

If you’re interested in high-quality, high-class, flexible serviced offices for your business in Melbourne or Sydney, get in touch with VSCO. Call us on 1300 788 292 for more information or contact us online.

VCSO Ranked 29 in AFR Start Up List

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customer service award

Fastest Growing Start Up Businesses in Australia

The Australian Financial Review has listed Victory Corporate Serviced Offices as one of Australia’s top 50 Fast Starters for 2017. This list features start-up companies that have been in operation for 3 years or less, and have experienced large revenue growth within this time.

In the last 3 years, VCSO has achieved tremendous growth, experiencing a rapid increase in revenue of 181.4%. We pride ourselves on our 6 Star Customer Service, and providing tailored solutions for our clients to help ensure their business succeeds. This achievement is a credit to our incredible team who always put our clients first, it is also thanks to our clients who continue to entrust VCSO with their most important business requirements.

“Victory Corporate Serviced Offices has a single secret to success, and that is our team’s hard work and dedication. This differentiates us in the serviced office market, providing our customers with a luxurious and unique experience. Some of our customers may have come from larger and more developed competitors, but as soon as they walk through our doors they experience our name sake and purpose. Our goal at Victory Corporate Serviced Offices is to inspire growth and creativity within all our client’s businesses and lives.”

CEO – Dan Baxter

Being ranked 29 of Australia’s top fastest growing start up business is a great achievement that we are very proud of. There are exciting plans for the future, we look forward to the journey ahead and will continue to exceed the benchmark.

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customer service award

VCSO are 2017 Australian Service Excellence Awards Finalists

For 16 years, the Australian Service Excellence Awards (ASEAs) program recognises top performing organisations and individuals in the field of customer service.

We are proud to be a nominated as a finalist for the 2017 Customer Service Organisation of the Year. It is fantastic to be recognised for our efforts to provide everyone who walks through our doors with 6-star service, exceeding the benchmark in every possible way we can.

As quoted by our Prime Minister, Malcolm Turnbull, in recognition of these awards, “customers are key to the success of any business, and this has never been more true in today’s hyper-competitive marketplace.” We at VCSO agree, as our mantra is , “Your success is our success”.

What Makes VCSO Different

Unlike traditional serviced office providers based around delivering a functional set of requirements, our philosophy is focused on enhancing customer interaction & experience.   No one else combines the quality of physical space and amenities with a dedication to services at every level, and the complete customisation of both physical and service together like VCSO.

At VCSO we are more than just a supplier of a physical space to our customers. We help enable business success by removing the barriers that stand between our clients and what they need to achieve in their journey for victory. We genuinely care about the success of our clients, and are proud to play a key role in the growth and development of the businesses that we partner with.

At our core, we are a customer service business that not only sells office space but an experience, that is key to the propelling success experienced of our clients. The recognition of being not only nominated but a finalist for these awards are a fantastic way to prove just that.

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Will your office beat the odds?


Did you know that 9 out of 10 start-up’s fail?

Starting your own business can be a gamble. The motivation to not only care but love what you do is a primary indicator that you are a horse worth betting on in the close race to business success.

Is your business a safe bet?

1. Does your business solve a problem for your clients?

If   you  wish  to  beat  the  odds,  it  is critical  that  you  research  and  ensure  that  there is  adequate demand  for your product  or  service.   Ask  yourself  the  hard  question,  is  your  product  or  service  something  that   people  need   or  want?   A  survey  completed  by  Fortune  found   that   of  all  the  failed  start-up’s  interviewed,  42%  identified  a lack of market need as the biggest reason for their failure.

2. Work on your business, not in your business

Growth   is   the  word   most  associated   with  success,  and  the   only  way  to   accomplish   this   in   your  business  is through you.   Knowing  how  to utilise a team and trusting  that team is a  hard thing to do. This  business is your baby but  spending all  your  time  on  the  small  stuff,  micro  managing  every  aspect  of  the  business  will   soon  run  your  company into the ground.   Your job as  the owner  of  this  great enterprise  is to  improve it  and  grow  whist  not  get distracted by the day to day running.

3. Running out of money

Why  do  businesses run  out of  cash?  Because  they  didn’t  grow   fast  enough.   If  you  can  focus on simply  growing your business then you can bypass  this major obstacle.  If  you are experiencing  rapid growth early  on, this is a good indicator that you will be successful in the future.
Before starting your new business,  you need to create a detailed budget.  It’s always  best  to  assume that it will cost more  and  take longer than  you  initially  think.  By  over  estimating  you  will  be  pleasantly  surprised  if  the project  comes in under budget and you don’t end up bankrupt.

4. Culture and environment

Being able to  separate home  and work  life  is of the utmost  importance when starting a new business.  It helps keep you  sane  and  motivated.   Working  from  home  can  decrease  productivity  and  growth.

Our  serviced offices and virtual  office  packages  are  an  inexpensive  and  one  stop  solution to taking your business to new levels of success. Check out our latest serviced and virtual office promotions and special offers here.


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Networking is about interacting with people to form business relationships and to recognise, create, or act upon business opportunities. It provides the opportunity to share information and seek potential partners for ventures and engage them for mutual benefit.

There is no doubt about it, networking can be nerve wracking but building professional relationships and creating contacts is critical to the success of your career and business.

Below are 6 easy tips that take networking from a dreaded event to a breeze.

1. Arrive early – Always try to be the first to arrive, this may seem counter intuitive but arriving early allows you to notice the people who haven’t already settled into groups. This makes it easier to align yourself with someone who doesn’t yet have a conversation partner.

2. Body language – Shake hands confidently, smile and look people in the eye when you talk to them. To further exude a sense of confidence, stand up as straight as you can with your arms at your side. For an added tip try to make physical contact with everyone you meet, studies show that people are twice as likely to remember you if you shake hands.

3. Have a conversation topic prepared – Ever get stuck in the situation were neither you or the person you are speaking with have anything to say? Instead of talking about the weather, prepare a short and interesting story you can pull out at any time. Mastering this technique will ensure that you never experience those moments of awkward silence again.

4. Listen – It is a well known fact that people love to talk about themselves, so next time you want to leave a positive first impression make sure you ask the other person about them when you finish speaking.

5. Take two business cards – To show someone that you are really interested and genuine about their business, take two business cards, one for yourself and one for someone you know that may benefit from connecting with them. This will improve the likelihood of working with them in the future and strengthen the relationship.

6. Follow up – The golden rule of networking is to always send a follow up email within two days of attending an event. Without this last step you have lost any opportunity that this event may have provided.

Networking can be daunting, but with these simple tips it should become that little bit easier. It is a great opportunity to meet new contacts – you never know who you might meet or the doors it may open.

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